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The Office of International Affairs works to develop in-depth partnerships and collaborations with leading international institutions throughout the world.  We currently have 130 partnerships in more than 44 different countries on six continents.  Learn more about our partners and programs by searching for your region of interest below or by using the drop-down menu.


University Global Partnership Network (UGPN)

The UGPN is an association of universities established to promote multi-lateral collaboration across 4 key areas: 1) joint research; 2) academic program development; 3) student and faculty exchanges; 4) innovation, entrepreneurship and technology transfer.  The network currently includes the University of Surrey, UK; North Carolina State University, USA; and the Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil.  Many of these institutions already have established bilateral relations and the UGPN is designed to leverage mutual strengths in research and education to broaden collaborative endeavors.  The administrative structure of the UGPN includes an Executive Committee, consisting of the Chief International Officer and a coordinator from each member institution and a Chair that rotates biennially.  Prof. Colin Grant, Pro-Vice Chancellor at the University of Surrey is currently UGPN Chair.

Based upon mutual strengths in education and research among UGPN members, several fields were identified for strategic engagement across the 4 areas of collaboration: Biosciences, Energy and the Environment, Engineering, Mathematics, Chemistry, Tourism, Management, and Veterinary Medicine. 

University of Surrey
North Carolina State University
Universidade de São Paulo


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 Confucius Institute
 NC Japan Center
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International Alumni Networks

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NC State networks are geographically based and a great way to make friends and stay connected close to home or when you're traveling.  Visit the NC State Alumni Association website to look up contacts for international networks in India, Seoul, and Shanghai.