Standard operating practices for establishing Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) and other agreements with universities outside the United States


Many academic and research units at NC State University are actively engaged or have plans to become engaged in research, education, and other forms of collaboration with universities outside the United States. Such endeavors are important to NC State’s goal of integrating global perspectives into all aspects of the University’s mission. Faculty members and administrators are encouraged to pursue international collaborations that are consistent with the unit and University strategic plan.

To protect NC State University from unplanned financial or legal obligations, properly manage the agreements, and keep the NC State community informed of established relationships, certain policies must be followed when developing these international agreements. MOU and International Cooperative Agreements must be authorized by the Chancellor or Provost.  These instruments are intended to support institutional goals, particularly to enhance local and global engagement through focused strategic partnerships. A letter of support may also be requested from the Office of International Affairs towards the development of more specific international collaborative efforts.  For additional information about international partnerships and developing MOU or letters of support, please contact David Dixon (

I. Process for Establishing Agreements

II. Required Signatures

III. Establishing Dual Degree Programs


For more information, please contact Dr. Bailian Li (, Vice Provost for International Affairs.