NC State
Office of International Affairs

Partners in China

NC State is a comprehensive university known for its leadership in education, research and economic development, and is globally recognized for its science, technology, engineering and mathematics strengths. NC State has 10 colleges and over 100 bachelor degree programs, plus a variety of master’s and doctoral programs if you decide to take your education to the next level.In keeping with its academic and economic development mission, NC State has signed agreements with some of China’s most prestigious universities. These international agreements create new avenues for graduates to compete globally and give North Carolina links to an emerging economy.NC State’s partnerships and initiatives in China include student exchanges, summer research programs, faculty research collaboration and educational training. We have 32 university partnerships in China with 44 distinct memorandums of understanding covering a broad range of programs.

NC State has the largest population of international students of any university in North Carolina. Our 34,000 students come from 157 countries, and students from China make up our second-largest international population. Each year, more and more Chinese students study at NC State. In 2007, we had 360 Chinese students. By 2011, that number had almost doubled, increasing to 703.

More of NC State’s American students are studying abroad in China, too. In 2007, 37 NC State students participated in study-abroad programs in China. By 2011, 68 of our students were studying in China.

 NC State’s Mission in China:

  • Increase the number of Chinese students pursuing degrees at the University, particularly at the undergraduate level.
  • Send more of its undergraduate and graduate students to China for summer, semester, and academic year-long study abroad programs.
  • Enhance the quality of its partnerships with Chinese universities.
  • More effectively engage our alumni and friends in China in ways that our meaningful to them.
  • Encourage more faculty to take advantage of its Chinese partner institutions to create additional faculty led study abroad programs, jointly taught classes, and joint research.
  • Increase Chinese language instruction at NC State with the creation of an Asian Studies Major.
  • Promote Chinese language and culture instruction throughout North Carolina with the support of the NC State Confucius Institute, and in the process establish the University as the leading resource center for economic development with China in the State.